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Introducing Samsung Tec Tiles: Taking NFC to the Next Level



Since the introduction of NFC devices exactly a year ago, when Google Wallet promised a revolutionary new way of using Android phones in the everyday world, there haven't been any significant uses for the hyped up technology until now. Samsung has created these so-called "Tec Tiles," little squarish stickers that seem innocuously childish at first, but actually have the power to respond to your phone's NFC device. If you have a Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II (T-Mobile only), Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S 4G or Galaxy S Blaze 4G, you will really want/need Tec Tiles, so read more after the break!



These so-called Tec-Tiles can be mounted on just about anywhere, on your backpack, your office desk, your car's dashboard, your kitchen table, you name it. Consuming only 4 square inches of space, its portability is the reason why it brings something new. With each Tec Tile, you are able to customize what action your Android device will take when it registers the sticker, using the Samsung Tec Tiles app, whether it is muting your phone, turning off Wi-Fi and data, turning on music, etc: the possibilities are endless. So, if you want to silence your phone when you get to your office, simply place your phone over the sticker, and you're set for the day. It can really be a time-saver in some cases, such as when you are in a car and you really want to focus on the road. Having a sticker that tells your phone to turn on its navigation will be extremely helpful here. For only $14.99, having 5 Samsung Tec Tiles can really improve your life, for sure. 

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